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  • Our Investment : $50
  • ROI : $72.45 ( 144.90% )
  • Withdrawal : manual
  • Minimum Deposit : $10
  • HYIP's Budget : High

  • Last Payout : 18 Aug,2017
  • Monitor Since : 211
  • Referral : 4%
  • Accept :
  • Features :
Plan: 2.1% DAILY FOR 20 DAYS (Principal Back at the end of the term) | Some other useless plans
Crypto Center Limited is a duly registered company based in the United Kingdom. The company combines several successful profitable business directions, from the trading in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets to investments in promising Fintech start-ups. How does it work and where does big money come from? The most promising area of profitable activity today is a trading in the Forex market. The basis of currency trading on the Forex market is the so-called 'currency pairs' or the price of one currency against another currency in a given pairing. The most popular pairs are EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, and GBP/USD. Therefore, the Forex market offers a huge number of currency instruments to make profit. Its distinctive feature is that prices are established on the basis of an agreement between the parties. This means that the prices depend only on supply and demand for a particular currency, which makes them volatile. The Forex market allows us to earn in any situation from exchange rate fluctuations. Our financial experts know for sure when a currency is to rise or fall. They track the market continuously and start trading at best times. They trade both traditional currencies like US dollar and Euro, and so-called cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. With the increasing surge of Bitcoin there is no doubt that this currency is going to move way ahead of its times. There is hardly a place where one can say that Bitcoin has no future. Having been in the Bitcoin trading system for long enough our company understands the need of Bitcoin and how important it has become in the recent years to provide support and serve as a digital asset that cannot be avoided.

Total Payouts:            $72.45

1. 18 Aug,2017                    $50
2. 16 Aug,2017                    $8.4
3. 08 Aug,2017                    $0.4
4. 08 Aug,2017                    $2.1
5. 06 Aug,2017                    $2.1
6. 04 Aug,2017                    $2.1
7. 02 Aug,2017                    $2.1
8. 30 Jul,2017                    $1.05
9. 29 Jul,2017                    $2.1
10. 27 Jul,2017                    $2.1