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21 Jul 2017

News from FexFund

Welcome to our 84th day online which is one of the best in FexFund's history. Why is that? It's because looks like there are real consensus achieved about Bitcoin changes!

Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 91 (BIP 91) was recently activated which means that we will have no Bitcoin split and what is more, there probably won't be any "August 1st" drama anymore! We already can see how BTC rate is going up and I think it might even hit 4k USD wall this time :) I hope you got some good stash of BTC while the price was like $1800 as we did.

Because of that I've decided to do a little celebration and announcing 5% deposit bonus for any "fresh" Bitcoin deposit. How does it work? If you, for example, deposit 1 BTC, then after we will get needed confirmations, you will get 1.05 BTC in your investment plan. Please keep in mind that the bonus won't work for reinvestments. Also, the bonus applies only to BTC payments, and it's valid from now on until Sunday, midnight time (23rd July 00:00:00 of a server time).

Also, I would like to warn you against scamming people, trying to steal your password. Their method is simple. They write to you saying that they will make the deposit as your referral, but you have to go to the site X and sign up there. This site X is a fake site which collects your password and username. If they are lucky, they might take over your account in FexFund. Luckily there was only one account compromised and only because the owner wasn't careful.

Please remember those simple rules when running your account on FexFund.net and then you will be 100% safe:

1. Never use the same password anywhere, you use on FexFund
2. Make sure your email address is correct so that you will get notifications in case of any payment account changes done on your account.
3. Always enable at least PIN number in Security area or Google Authenticator.

Also keep in mind that we send only one newsletter weekly, on Fridays and we will never ask you to give us anything in exchange for something. We don't ask you for any mobile numbers etc. and we don't send multilingual newsletters. You can always cross check email content against site's news section as they always match as well.

I made this long enough, so I won't keep you anymore today. I hope you are enjoying your stay in FexFund as much as we are glad to have you here.

Have a great weekend.

George Soleos
CEO of FexFund.net