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FOREX SKY was started on 5th MAY 2018 but they've started their promotional activities from last 2-3 days. I've deposited $100 on the plan 125% after 5 days. 

Pros: Trending short term plans

         Big promotional campaigns 


Cons: Cheap looking template

          Manual payouts 

          No live support / video presentations

BitElysium - which was looked like a promising program has stopped paying (may be paying to some monitor admin as I've seen paying status to some monitors). I had invested $100 in this program and around $52 was recovered. Another bad luck. 

BrilFund Ltd has stopped paying. I had invested $100 there and look like it was a big mistake to choose this program for investment. Only $18 was recovered from this program and $82 is lost.  This week was started very well for me but finishing with disappointments. 

Hello friends, Miktosh has stopped PAYING to real users (may be still paying to some Monitor admins as I've seen some PAYING status for this program). I was invested $100 of the plan 124% after 5 days and I've got paid fully with $24 net profit. So, it was another HYIP from where I've earned my profit. 

* It's 4 consecutive program (which gone scam) from where I've got paid with full profit. (Lucky nah! :p)

12 great days has stopped paying (confirmed by real investors). I had invested $100 on the plan 12% daily on 1st June and was fortunate enough to get paid with full profit.

It may be paying to some monitors as I've seen some PAYING status for this program but I can assure you that this program has stopped paying to real investors. 

IMPRESSIO has stopped paying. My last payment was paid on 11th Jun. I had invested $100 in the plan 4.5% daily for for 45 days and I was paid for 26 days. So, my total ROI from this program was $126 and $26 is my net profit from IMPRESSIO


Dear Investors, Plenty Oil which was launched on 23rd May 2018 has stopped paying from today (confirmed by other sources). It was online for around 20 days and their shortest term were 5 days. I had invested in the plan "4% daily for 15 days" and fortunately got paid fully with profit. Although many of investors has earned profit from this program but some of investors have lost their capital in this program. However, I'll post a report on every HYIP's collapse in this 'news' section so that you can see my investmenst and profit/loss histories. For now, please don't invest in this program. If something positive happen for this program I'll update in this section. thanks

Dear investors!




Since January 2018, the oil prices have been steadily growing, increasing the profit of our company and all our partners.


According to forecasts of experts in the coming months, the dynamics of prices in the oil market will continue.


Against this favorable background, Plenty-Oil Company entered into a long-term contract with a major oil refinery to supply crude oil on very favorable terms for us.


In connection with the successful transaction, we announce for our partners an unprecedented promotion of + 7.5% to the amount of the new deposit.


The promotion is valid for 24 hours. Do not miss the opportunity to maximize your profits as quickly and easily as possible.


Make money here and now with Plenty-Oil Company!

Dear Impressio.io users,


We are offering our users a new coupon code.  The coupon code is GOLD50, and it will give all users who purchase the GOLD plan an extra 50% on top of their investment. This means that if you invest 10 BTC in GOLD plan, you will have an active investment of 15 BTC.


As you can see, we are working diligently for our users and will continue to keep you updated on all promotions and developments.  


Thank you,

The Impressio Team

We have updated "Deposits" section in your User panel and now for each active deposit system will show "expire" time and now you will be able easier to manage each of your active deposits and see after how long time it will be expired.
We are continuously working on upcoming LTC version which will be launched already on Wednesday. Stay with us and we will update you when LTC version will be launched.

Bitnova is stopped paying or paying partially to monitors only. Be aware.

This update is to inform you that on August 24th, 2017 our official website faced some SSL incompetency issues due to our certificate issuer. This has caused several technical glitches and as a result, interrupted our daily tasks.

Currently we've activated our backup SSL provided by Comodo to keep connections at our website encrypted and secure, and our working directly with GeoTrust on fixing the caused issues. Once things are fixed, we'll notify you.

Please note that investments and withdrawals will carry on as usual, with a slight delay in processing requests on both.

We hope you understand and cooperate.

Respectativa Team

This news is from Cryptosolutions

Dear visitors and clients of the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited company.
Our hard work on providing worthy conditions of investing for all customers of the company shows steadily good results during os the very long time.
Today we celebrate 500 days from the moment of the beginning of work of the investment program from the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited company online. This is the solid achievement, which establishes the new standards of an investment process.
We have reached this level of quality together with you, dear investors.
It is enough to tell that for these five hundred days of excellent online working, our investors have become over 9,000 people, who invested $3,965,991 in our company and at the same time already today they have received profit over $772,268.
We steadily and effectively prove our consistency of our investment strategy, constantly moving ahead, having improving our services.
The company’s Management of is sure, that consolidating joint efforts and developing together, we will be able to develop for many years and to become stronger day by day!
We congratulate all investors on this date and we express gratitude for trust and cooperation.
Yours faithfully, CryptoSolutions PTY Limited team.

Be aware! New Tech Road (newtechroad.com) has topped paying to real user and paying HYIP Monitors selectively. Don't get scammed by seeing PAYING on other Monitors. 

*SCAM status is confirmed by davidnews.com

Fexfund.net is gone, do not invest here

21 Jul 2017

News from FexFund

Welcome to our 84th day online which is one of the best in FexFund's history. Why is that? It's because looks like there are real consensus achieved about Bitcoin changes!

Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 91 (BIP 91) was recently activated which means that we will have no Bitcoin split and what is more, there probably won't be any "August 1st" drama anymore! We already can see how BTC rate is going up and I think it might even hit 4k USD wall this time :) I hope you got some good stash of BTC while the price was like $1800 as we did.

Because of that I've decided to do a little celebration and announcing 5% deposit bonus for any "fresh" Bitcoin deposit. How does it work? If you, for example, deposit 1 BTC, then after we will get needed confirmations, you will get 1.05 BTC in your investment plan. Please keep in mind that the bonus won't work for reinvestments. Also, the bonus applies only to BTC payments, and it's valid from now on until Sunday, midnight time (23rd July 00:00:00 of a server time).

Also, I would like to warn you against scamming people, trying to steal your password. Their method is simple. They write to you saying that they will make the deposit as your referral, but you have to go to the site X and sign up there. This site X is a fake site which collects your password and username. If they are lucky, they might take over your account in FexFund. Luckily there was only one account compromised and only because the owner wasn't careful.

Please remember those simple rules when running your account on FexFund.net and then you will be 100% safe:

1. Never use the same password anywhere, you use on FexFund
2. Make sure your email address is correct so that you will get notifications in case of any payment account changes done on your account.
3. Always enable at least PIN number in Security area or Google Authenticator.

Also keep in mind that we send only one newsletter weekly, on Fridays and we will never ask you to give us anything in exchange for something. We don't ask you for any mobile numbers etc. and we don't send multilingual newsletters. You can always cross check email content against site's news section as they always match as well.

I made this long enough, so I won't keep you anymore today. I hope you are enjoying your stay in FexFund as much as we are glad to have you here.

Have a great weekend.

George Soleos
CEO of FexFund.net

26 Dec 2015

Due Diligence

What is Due Diligence? 

Due Diligence (DD) is a process whereby an investor investigates the attractiveness of an opportunity and assesses the quality of the management team and the key risks associated with the opportunity. It is a Way of verifying the validity of a particular program’s real investment opportunities. It helps to discover everything about particular program’s real investment opportunity before you invest your money. Due diligence is probably the most critical stage in investment. It is a complete investigation and review of the investment opportunity. 

When to Start the Due Diligence? 

The investigation process begins the moment opportunity becomes of interest to you. Your goal is to make certain that you uncover everything about a particular program’s real investment opportunities before you invest in it. You don’t have to meet the company’s staff or even visit the business for your research to begin. The Internet is an incredible tool that will allow you to investigate the validity of a particular program. Here are Due Diligence steps to follow before investing in any program: 

1. Check out a program’s website 

The first step you should do is to check out a program’s website. Carefully investigate its website design. Some of the things you will see on scammer’s website are: Not professionally designed website, Old templates with a standard collection of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Unorganized and Irrelevant website navigation, offering unrealistic daily return, Poor security website, Continuous failing website, No actual names and contact details and cheap scripts 

2. Way Back: Investigate how a website looked in the past 

Way back machine is one of the most important tools that are used to investigate how a website looked in the past. Some Scammers claim that they have been online for long time. Using Way Back Machine you can easily identify if the website has been online for long time. Way Back Machine has 50 billion web pages archived since 1996. To investigate if they have been online for long time, Visit 


Type in the web address of a site or page where you would like to start, and press enter. Then select from the archived dates available. The resulting pages point to other archived pages at as close a date as possible. You will be shown the search results for your particular website, categorized by year. Just see if the contents of the website at different times match. Also focus for contact details and see if they match. 

3. Make Research on Forums and Monitoring Sites 

Another tool for making a Due Diligence is Forums. Forums are a great place to exchange ideas with people who have the same interest with you. There fore, as a research tool, you have to visit known, popular, trusted and professional forums, like HYIP Discussion and Golden Talk and, read what people are saying about the particular program. Monitoring Sites are other Due Diligence tools where you can make your Investigation. But there are certain issues you should be aware of monitoring sites. 

a) Do not depend on a single monitoring site 
b) HYIP admins treat monitoring sites very well. Therefore, if you see paying status on monitoring site, it does not mean the HYIP is paying all investors. 
c) Read all rating given by the investors on the program you are making research. 

4. Check WHOIS information: Domain registration data of a company’s website 

Check the domain registration data of a company’s website. WHOIS information gives you full information about the company including telephone number. You can use either of these sites to find the WHOIS information: 


Type in the web address of a site or page where you would like to get information, and press enter. A complete list of contact details will be displayed on your screen. Some of the information you will see on the screen are: Domain Name, Expiration Date, Creation Date, Last Update Date, Registrant, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Registration Service Provider, Registrar of Record, Record last updated and Record expires, Record created and Domain servers in listed order 

Once you get the WHOIS Data You should investigate carefully the dates of domain registration and expiration. If the company claims that they have been working online for long time, but their website domain was registered only few months ago, it is just an indication of dishonest. At the same time, if the company’s offers a long term plan and the domain registration expires in the near future, the probability of company being a scammer is great. Finally, just give a call to the number specified in the WHOIS data and make sure that the contact details really belongs to the person listed in the WHOIS data. 

5. Request the company’s documents 

It is always recommended to request and investigate the company’s documents, before proceeding with an investment. You need to request and verify the following documents: 
• Valid Business Registration Certificate, 
• Financial Records, 
• List of banks with which the Company has a financial relationship. 

6. Confirm the validity of the Company’s documents 

At the final stage of your Due Diligence you should confirm the validity of the documents requested from the company. This is carried out by contacting the issuing institution. In conclusion, there is always a risk associated with High Yield Investment Programs. These risks are minimized by implementing proven and effective strategies. To find out more about investment strategies, Visit HYIP Strategies

Achieving success in online investment requires developing Habits and Attitudes that brings a mindset to fully exploit the benefits of HYIPs. This Mindset is the most decisive factor to turn Your Dreams into reality and accomplish incredible success in HYIP arena. 

Here are 11 Secrets HYIP Pros use to succeed in HYIPs: 
1. HYIP Pros are Committed to learn the Hard Staff 

Most HYIP investors lose their hard earned money badly. Why? Because most of them lack knowledge and experience on how to deal in HYIPs arena. In other words they do not have knowledge on how to choose a particular HYIP for investment, how to manage their investment, what strategies and techniques to use, etc. They learn their lessons the hard way: they lose a lot of money first by investing how they shouldn't, and then they try to learn what they needed to know in the first place. HYIP pros are different. They learn first how to do all the hard things. They learn all about HYIP strategies and techniques. They set goals, make daily and weekly plans and measure their progress. They do not waste their time wondering around sites unless they have hard evidence that these sites will bring them success. 

2. HYIP Pros work a Plan 

Successful HYIP Pros have simple working model: they replicate their success. They know what strategies to use; they consistently work with these techniques and strategies. And more important, HYIP pros follow a schedule. Organization, Tacking returns and daily HYIP management are a way of their daily activities in HYIPs arena. 

3. HYIP Pros Set Goals & Limits 

Goal setting is a very powerful technique that can yield strong returns in all areas of your life. At its simplest level the process of setting goals and targets allows you to choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on and improve. HYIP Pros set sharp, clearly defined goals so that they will be able to achieve more and improve their performance. By setting goals, and measuring their achievement, they are able to see what they have done and what they are capable of. The process of achieving goals and seeing their achievement gives them the confidence and self-belief that they will be able to achieve higher and more difficult goals. HYIP Pros have a clear sense of purpose and direction in every area of their investment in HYIPs. 

4. HYIP Pros take strong Measures to protect their Account Safe 

HYIP Pros work hard to generate money at the same time they work hard to keep their money safe. They know how to deal online .HYIP Pros know that protecting accounts related to HYIPs activities are important. As a result they are always keen to take measures that protect their accounts safe. They Use anti-virus software, a firewall, and anti-spyware software to help keep their computer safe and secure. They always set up their operating system and Web browser software properly, and update them regularly. HYIP Pros Use strong passwords or strong authentication technology to help protect their personal information. They wisely Use e-mail against fraudulent “phishing” emails and attachments which are often used to trick people into giving up personal information 

5. HYIP Pros Make Research 

HYIP pros obtain and analyze as much information as possible before making any investment decisions. They do not invest unless they have hard evidence that these sites will bring them profit. They verify the validity of a particular program’s real investment opportunities: They check the “WHOIS DATA” so that they will be able to get the detailed information about a particular business. In addition, HYIP Pros verify particular HYIPs trading history and qualification. They make the optimal research before investing their money. 

6. HYIP Pros Diversify their Portfolio 

HYIP Pros know that High Yield Investment Programs always carries a calculated risk. They are always working hard to minimize excessive risk imposed by HYIPs. They know, Diversification is technique to manage their investment. They spread their portfolio over different programs. HYIP pros also know how to distribute their investment over each program. They spread their investment proportional to the credibility of each program. They do not over invest. They focus on overall plan of their investment. 

7. HYIP Pros Get Their Principal Back Quickly 

One of the greatest problems in HYIPs arena is that it is impossible to predict the life span of a particular HYIP. Thus, it is important to take some mechanism to make your investment safe. One way of doing this is to properly use different compounding options. HYIP Pros Know how to Compound for a particular HYIP at different times. HYIP Pros get their original spend back as fast as possible, i.e. they set the compounding option to 0% until they return back their initial investment, then after, start compounding depending on the status of the HYIP. They usually withdraw 50% of their profit by setting the compounding option to 50% after they return back their initial investment. And they watch for red flag for a particular HYIP, if they come across these red flags, they keep on withdrawing by setting the compounding option to 0%. 

8. HYIP Pros are always watching for red Flags 

HYIP Pros are always involved looking beyond the obvious, they act like a watchdog. They watch for important information about particular HYIP indications of potential problems or red flags, clues that a HYIP may be heading for trouble. They know what a healthy HYIP looks like, how Ponzi’s look like, how they behave and what tricks HYIP scammers use to cheat investors. 

9. HYIP Pros are ready to lose 

HYIP Pros understand that high yield investment programs are risky. Therefore, they are always ready to accept any lose. But, they learn from their mistakes. 

10. HYIP Pros Work Consistently 

To achieve their goals, HYIP Pros have self-discipline to work every day with all the energy they possess. They consistently work to get a consistent result. Secret of their success is discipline. 

11. HYIP Pros Never Quit 

HYIP Pros never quit. They know that HYIPs always caries risk and they are constantly working to avoid these risks. When things go wrong, they don’t give up; they Keep on working hard and consistently and finally succeed. They know there is no magic bullet that will make them rich overnight without much effort. They are always patient to see the result.

your investment. This would obviously include advisory charges. Brokers offering online services offer relatively low commissions and are often called discount brokers. You can channel your trade through these agents at a lower rate. In this way the commission does not eat into your profits. 

Easy access is another advantage of online investment because it is the only resources that you required, would be a computer and an internet connection. Most online trading firms designated tabs for their online users and these are really user’s friendly. The money transaction methods are varied. You can choose an option in most convenient and easy way for you. 

Before beginning an online investment program, be sure to understand that most likely you are not linked directly to the market through your home computer and that the click of your mouse does not instantly execute trades or cancel orders. Determine if the stock quotes and account updates you receive are real-time or delayed. Checking the on-line brokers’ ability to get the best price for investors and most brokerage firms provide this information from the firm to substantiate any advertised claims concerning the ease and speed of online trading. 

Get the information from the firm about significant website outages, delays, and other interruptions that may affect your ability to execute trades and make sure that the firm has an alternative way or options to execute trades. Review the firm privacy and security policies and determine if your name will be used for mailing list or other promotional activities by the firm or any other party. Receiving clear information about sale commissions, transaction fees, and conditions that apply to any advertising discount on commissions will help you to feed your knowledge and you must know how to contact a customer service representative if any problems occur. Request a prompt attention and fair consideration and to be sure to keep good records to substantiate any problems that may occur. Contact your local securities division to verify the registration status and disciplinary history of the online brokerage firm, or file a complaint, if appropriate. 

Most of the online sites do not charge any fees for becoming members. Once you have been member, you will be able to use their services and starting investing. Many of the sires will also provide you with tips and advice as to how go about investing in different products. This will give you added an added advantage of investing online.

Strategies are needed in order to yield a consistent return on investment in any investment facility. In a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP), investors should constantly strategize to ensure a consistent rate of return despite HYIP being an easy form of investment. 

Here are four strategies that can be used: 

1. Research
Like in any investment venture, research is always the key before investing your money in any HYIP to check which programs offers the highest yield and which programs are the most stable. 

Research about HYIP can be easily done in Google. You can visit the sites of your target HYIPs to know the operations of the programs. 

You can also visit forums and to get more realistic reviews of the program plus you can ask questions to other fellow investors. Forums offer a rich avenue where you can find people who have the same forms of investment. Be sure to visit professional and trusted forums. Moreover, don't believe everything that other people say in the forum, as most of those people will post for the sake of advertising the links to their sites. 

Another source of information is monitoring sites. However, you should remember that monitoring sites get good treatment from HYIP admins for them to give good reviews about the HYIP. Therefore, you shouldn’t believe everything that you read in a monitoring site. It is best to look at multiple monitoring sites when choosing the right program. 

2. Diversification
Diversification means that you’ll be spreading your money in various programs to manage the risks involved since HYIP are known to have high risks. This is an effective strategy in HYIPs. Putting all your money in one program poses a high risk. 

3. Test the HYIP
Before making a big investment in a new HYIP, you should go first for a series of test spends to ensure that the programs really pay out. As we are already aware, HYIPs are risky so consider testing the waters before plunging completely. If the test spends proved to be successful and continue. Note there are some experiences from HYIPs wherein the program pays for small investments but do not pay the moment to make a big investment. 

4. Original Spend Back and Withdrawals
As the HYIPs are unpredictable and you never when they will collapse or cease their operations, it is wise to get your original spend immediately and make withdraw your money regularly. Do not leave all your money in the program. The recommended portion for withdrawal should be 50% of the profit. The other 50% should be invested again.